Cryptocurrency has become increasingly more mainstream since it was introduced in the 2000s. It has always been a way to take control of money away from government and national systems and banks and put it into the control of the people. 

As time went on, different types of cryptocurrency have developed to meet specific needs and in competition with one another. Making good investments into cryptocurrency is dependent on crypto market research.

What is the Most Important Cryptocurrency?

Most experts agree that the most important cryptocurrency is the original: Bitcoin. This was a cryptocurrency that began with an idea which has been imitated now many times. Here is how Bitcoin works:

  • Blockchains. The blockchain is made up of computers that run the code for Bitcoin. Every block in the chain is a group of individual transactions.
  • Miners. All of the computers that run the blockchain have the same transactions and blocks. Each of them can see every new transaction. That means that it is extremely difficult to find a way to take advantage of the system. Miners are motivated because they are paid by the transactions.
  • Puzzles. For miners to release Bitcoins into circulation, they must solve puzzles that are very difficult for their computers to uncover. This helps to make these transactions more secure. Some computer systems are better at solving these puzzles than others, which can result in more income for the miners.
  • Effective security network. With well over 45,000 computers in the network, it is extremely unlikely that anyone should gain control of enough of them to affect the blockchain. You would need 51% of the computing power to make an inaccurate transaction. 

Where did Bitcoin Come From?

The origins of Bitcoin are a mystery. Legend has it that Satoshi Nakamoto released the original white paper about Bitcoin in 2008 and worked on the software that followed. However, we don’t really know who Satoshi is or whether he invented Bitcoin.

Why Choose Cryptocurrency?

There are a number of advantages of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that have made them popular since the beginning. Although in the early days, many people who didn’t understand cryptocurrency thought it was only for nefarious ends, as time has gone on, more and more of the mainstream understands the potential benefits of cryptocurrency:

  • Privacy. Cryptocurrency keeps your transactions away from the prying eyes of anybody around you, including the government.
  • Robust. Cryptocurrencies are insulated from many of the trends in local markets, which means that even if your National economy isn’t doing well, your cryptocurrency may be just fine.
  • Secure. The way that blockchains work means that cryptocurrency can be a lot more secure than other types of currency, especially if you’re trading overseas.
  • Cheaper. In many places, cryptocurrency is more affordable than other kinds of transactions. Crypto currency enables you to get away from the transaction fees that would otherwise apply, especially when trading between countries.

How to Conduct Crypto Market Research

Whether you want to use cryptocurrency yourself or you want to invest in it, you need highly effective crypto market research to help you know which cryptocurrency to invest in at which time. 

Because cryptocurrency is so complex and requires an in-depth understanding of both finances and technology, most investors and users of cryptocurrency choose to buy the best research from a certified firm. Here are some things to look for in a cryptocurrency research firm to help you make the best purchase or investment decisions in cryptocurrency:

  • A track record of success. The crypto market researcher that you choose should have a proven track record of making very successful investments and investment recommendations based on the data that they gather about the market, specifically in the area of cryptocurrency.
  • A global perspective. Cryptocurrency isn’t isolated to one country, so research shouldn’t be limited by nation either. Your crypto market researcher should have a macro perspective on the economy to help inform big picture decisions about the market.
  • Easy to understand data. You’re paying for somebody else to do the research for you. You want to know what to research, but you’re also paying someone so that they can clearly communicate to you what is important from the data that they gather. Companies that offer a free month or so are often more likely to provide you with the sort of easy to understand data that will inform good investments.

Get Started with Crypto Market Research

The best crypto market research can inform tremendously valuable investment decisions to help you expand your portfolio. Even better, the crypto-currency market might be better insulated against national trends than many other markets, which can be a tremendous asset in a changing economy. It is usually not feasible to conduct your own crypto market research, so be sure that you hire a high-quality crypto market research firm with a track record of success.