So you’re a start-up founder? Join the club of amazing and inspiring people quite literally changing the face of business.

There are so many learning curves when it comes to being a start-up founder and many have written down these experiences for others to take from.

When you are a leader of anything, you must have an open mindset to growing and understanding that there is always something new for you to consider trying. With online platforms such as Holloway, busy start-up founders can access this knowledge in an online library of books full of inspiration, wisdom, and entertainment on those that have lived similar lives to them.

In fact, many books written by start-up founders advise that reading every day has become part of their routine and they always prioritize time for it. Look at Elon Musk! The man who is working on sending people to Mars still finds time to read over three books per week. Clearly, knowledge is power in the start-up world.

It is also important to remember that each start-up is different. And similarly, each book is different. But no matter what industry your start-up is in, we believe that everyone will benefit from reading these eight books that all founders should put at the top of their reading lists!

  1.     The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson

If you are a founder of a start-up, chances are one of the biggest motives for you is money. Reading Ferguson’s book will give you an insight into how money actually works, how it has grown and transformed, and how it will forever be a growing entity. For those founders that really need to prepare for the rough patches, this book gives a great reality check into how the money cycle goes and how nothing really is doom and gloom forever—if you’re smart about it.

  1.     Competing Against Luck by Clayton Christensen

How much does luck play a factor into the success of a start-up? Well, Christensen dives into this and more in his book that was written with the goal of helping founders create successful ideas. He provides a guide that any entrepreneur can easily follow along and highlights various case studies from other start-up companies that were successful and failed attempts.

  1.     The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker

Sometimes the things that seem the most simple and straightforward things are often the first to be forgotten about. Drucker provides readers with an important reminder of the simple things founders can do to be successful. From how to treat people, how to get your pitch across the line, and how to create an inspiring workplace that will help your vision flourish into a successful business.

  1.     The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

If you are founding a start-up company, chances are that you have a brilliant and creative mind! But do you have the qualities it takes to lead a team to success? As a founder, you will also be taking on the role of CEO and Lencioni is here to help newbies do it all right. The better your team works the more money your company will profit, so investing in your team things like a very logical decision!

  1.     Rework by Jason Friend

Want to know a secret? There is no exact recipe for success when it comes to a start-up. What works for one company won’t necessarily work for you and Friend is here to tell his readers why. He’ll also uncover other secrets that help founders rework their business models and help them re-route their trajectory towards success.

  1.     The Limits of Growth by Donella Meadows

Right, so how high can a start-up actually go and when does rapid growth reach its peak? Meadows is here to share with her readers how startups can experience growth the right way and be prepared to overcome and business challenges that the majority of start-up companies will need to be prepared to face. If you are a founder in Silicon Valley, this book will absolutely speak your language as it focuses on those that are in the tech industry.

  1.     Zero to One by Blake Masters

Wanting to know how to get the right backing to your business? Who you should be having investment discussions with? How to know what ideas are the good ones? Look no further than this book, where Masters unveils all you need to know about building a start-up that will last for years to come! Don’t be the next failed start-up venture. Read this book and see how to stand out and make that start-up a full-time thing.

While these seven books are sure to get you started, there is a wealth of knowledge out there for founders in the start-up world to read up on. And if you’re like Elon Musk, this reading list won’t even get you through the month!