If you are a business owner and you find yourself in a situation where you need to move to larger premises then this can only indicate that your business enterprise is a complete success and you want to grow it even further. You are to be congratulated for this in these difficult competitive times when a lot of businesses have had to close their doors. Many businesses throughout Australia relocate every single year for many different reasons and some move to smaller premises while business owners like yourself, move to larger premises.

In order to be able to move to larger premises, you will probably need commercial real estate finance to provide you with the funds that you need to make this all-important move. If you are a small business owner and you’re not clued up as to the reasons why any business would relocate to larger or smaller premises then maybe the following can help you to understand.

  • To get more room – If business is good then it’s highly likely that there isn’t enough space at your current facility and so you need to move to a different location. It’s likely that your current property does not allow you to expand outwards because there isn’t enough space and you didn’t allow for that when you first signed your lease agreement. It is no longer cost-effective to remain there and so you need to find larger premises so you can branch out further.
  • To reduce operating costs – Your current location may not be providing you with the savings that your business needs and there might be many cost prohibitive environmental regulations or the taxes might be higher in that particular area. It’s likely that your operating costs are much too high and so it is made your business less competitive.
  • To modernise your facilities – Many business processes are automated nowadays and so you might have to move to larger premises in order to be able to buy and install new equipment. It may also be that your current location is too far away from the market that you sell to and so your transportation costs may be a lot higher than you first anticipated.

It may be that you’re just moving to larger premises to improve upon your quality of life because you want to be able to attract certain types of employees and you want to be in a location that they are more than happy to move to.