With the digital revolution, there has been an expansion of various jobs and opportunities on the Internet. In addition, the way it operates daily, paying bills, ordering food, booking vacations, and the like, all of this has become available online. However, with this, internet scams have become an increasingly common occurrence.

It happens every day around the world that someone is deceived on the Internet, in one way or another. Today, the security and protection of private data on the Internet are one of the world’s major issues.

Since no one wants to be the target of various scams, especially when they are health-related during the pandemic of Coronavirus, we have prepared a list of the most common scams in 2021 that should be avoided.

Let’s get to know what these scams are, shall we?

Medical technology scams

Since the world is dealing with a global COVID-19 pandemic, numerous shocking health-related scams involved taking advantage of people’s fears and concerns about their overall health.

By March 2021, the medical technology scam number one became the NHS Covid passport scam. Did you know that Vaccine Passports became available for free through the NHS application? This particular “passport” represents the proof that you’ve taken both doses of the vaccine. However, many criminals are most likely targeting their victims by selling fake vaccination passports.

Vaccination Card Identity theft and COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

Another scam related to the current pandemic is that emails and text messages are being sent to encourage people to provide their bank details for booking an appointment for the vaccine. That vaccine is free of charge on the NHS app.

On the other hand, posting vaccination selfies on social media platforms resulted in a spate of cases that have involved identity theft. Criminals take advantage of personal information on these particular documents to create fake vaccination cards and then sell them on the black market.

Negative COVID-19 Test Certificate

Perhaps the most common health-related scam in 2021 is creating fake negative COVID-19 test certificates. Many criminals worldwide are taking advantage of international borders and airports where tourists must have a negative COVID-19 test on their arrival.

These forget certificates are widely being sold on the black market. The cost of each negative Covid certificate could be as little as $40. However, there’ve been numerous reports of fake COVID-19 papers that have been sold for a lot more money.

Worthless Cryptocurrency Scams

Even though we can confirm that cryptocurrency has existed for quite some time now, in 2021, we witnessed a massive increase in interest among the people who started investing in them. RJ Weiss, a financial planner and an expert, has stated that perhaps the most significant money scam of 2021 has been influencers pushing worthless cryptocurrencies to their audiences.

Weiss has said that these influencers who were promoting cryptocurrencies have been paid in the currency they can sell once the price increases, based on their recommendation.

He also stated that the price is more likely to drop down soon, leaving the audience’s investments almost worthless.