Trading forex is quite a complex venture considering that the market is volatile and unpredictable. To reduce the hassle of trading, several apps have been created claiming to provide the best analytics, trading ideas, etc. With so many trading apps, it is difficult to choose the best these days.

Financial App is one of the trading applications that claim to be friendlier and provides more details to a trader. It further claims to have several features a trader would need to earn more trading forex. You should expect an in-depth review of the Finansya app here that outlines the pros and cons of using it.

What is the Financial app used for ?

The Finansya app is a trading platform created for traders that provides various analytical tools to ease trading. The aim of this app is to improve your trading performance and provide the resources you need at your fingertips. Some of the features of the Finansya app include providing daily trading ideas, forex indicators, etc. It offers insights for trading indicators too.

The Financial app has been around for the past eight years. Also, the app is designed by some of the best trading experts in the market. To use the Finansya app, you have to register. Guide your Finansya app login details jealously.

Features of Finansya app

Like every other trading app, the Finansya app offers some basic features that a trader needs to perform better in the marketplace. Below are some of the features available on the Finansya app.

Forex indicators

The Financial app has a collection of free and pro indicators. The aim of the indicators on this application is to improve your trading performance. The trading indicator provides strategies to trade on MT4 and MT5 marketplace with ease. The indicators are tailored to help you look out for trend-tracking, oscillation, and it offers a vital analysis of the marketplace.

Market screeners

The essence of the marketplace screeners on the Finansya app is to help traders find patterns and analyze trends. Also, it shows traders the possible market reversal opportunities. Furthermore, the market screeners help you to scan the marketplace effortlessly.

The market screeners also provide indicators that suggest ideas and scan for the best trading opportunities. The Financial app also offers real-time data that helps traders make the right decisions.

Daily trading ideas

After a careful analysis of the market, Finansya technical analytics public daily market ideas on their app. The trading ideas offered on this app are to keep you informed with curated market insights. Not to mention, you will have unlimited access to news, expert perspective and more trading strategies.

Can I have access to the Financial app for free?

Yes, traders can have access to the Financial app for free after registration. Also, the Finansya app offers a free demo trading platform to show users what it is like to trade in real time. However, the free access doesn’t offer most of the perks you will get on the paid version. To enjoy all the features of the Finansya app, you need to subscribe to the paid version.

Pros and cons of using the Finansya app

No matter how beautiful a trading app is, it must have a few downsides. Nonetheless, the effect of the downside will determine whether you should use it or not.


  • Offers amazing quality ;
  • Unique ;
  • Free indicators ;
  • Free.


  • 24-hour support desk and contact ;
  • Smart analyzers.


  • Only a few features are available for free ;
  • It doesn’t offer investing ideas.

Is the Finansya app worth it ?

The Finansya app is designed to help traders make the right trading decisions and perform better in the market. Considering the several features available on the Finansya application, it is worth using it. In addition, the Finansya application can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Compared to other financial apps, the Finansya app doesn’t take up too much memory space.

Furthermore, the Finansya application is suitable for beginners and professional traders. The application is designed to ease the stress of traders. With several indicators provided on the application, your trading performance will improve. As with every other trading app, you cannot have access to pro indicators and features on the demo version.


The purpose of using a trading app is to reduce the risk of losing your investment. For more efficient results in the trading market, professionals now use trading apps and even robots. Professionals use market indicators to analyze the forex market.

You, too, can rely on a trading application to improve your performance. Finansya app is not bad trading app. To reduce the stress of cracking your brain and analyzing a series of market indicators, opt for the Finansya app. Finally, don’t be in a hurry to subscribe to their paid version. Use the Financial app’s free version and understand how it works before you register for the pro version.